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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new roof cost?
The cost of your new roof depends on the size of your roof, its existing condition, and the roofing materials we choose together that fits your home. Price includes the latest advanced roofing materials on the market, a properly installed roof system, full clean up, waste removal, team work and Safety for all...

I don't know how old my roof is. Can you determine how many more years I can get out of my existing roof?
Yes we can. Our team has years of experience assessing roofs. They can tell, based on wear and tear, the type and quality of shingles used, signs of previous maintenance, approximately how old your roof is and the number of years it reasonably has left. Give us a call at 613-968-6363 and we'll set up a time to come and see you.

Can Roofing Plus just Repair our roof?
Yes we can. The cost of repairs depends on roof surface damages, the area size, and matching materials to the existing roof.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. We are FULLY LICENSED and INSURED. All workers are covered by Workers Compensation Board. (WSIB) We Also have Full Liability insurance. We can provide all required permits, insurance, certifications and WSIB information upon request at any time. We have the best roofing team possible.

Are estimates free?
Yes they are. After our inspection, we will provide you with a written proposal detailing our findings, options and cost.

Roof Vents/Venting?
Roofing Plus knows how important Attic ventilation is. Proper attic ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems because it minimizes the temperature differential between the attic and the air outside. Proper ventilation will remove moisture and heat from the attic. Trapped heat and moisture can raise energy costs, cause ice dams, and damage roof system components as well as structural and personal items located inside the attic. The roof system itself will deteriorate prematurely. There are many types of attic vents available today. There are power vents, ridge vents, soffit, gable vents, starter vents, and duroflo vents. These all come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and shapes. Some will ventilate better than others depending on the roof configuration, attic size, climate, etc. We measure the area, and it is the amount that should be used when calculating how much venting you need. With Roofing Plus Leave the calculating up to us...

Ice Dams? - Ice dams are the result of melting ice/snow continually melting/refreezing on the roofs deck, which then in some cases the ice/snow melts.. water under the ice/snow can back up under some shingles which then can cause leaks even on a new installed roof. We at Roofing Plus install ice and water protector (Rubber membrane self adhesive) on every house, to prevent the possible ice damming/ damage. In some cases ice damming, water leakage is a ventilation, insulation, weather issue...

Does Roofing Plus have an office/showroom that we can visit?
Yes, We prefer to come to you! Our team is always on the road, so it's easy for us to drop in at a time that fits your schedule. Looking at shingle samples in a showroom, away from your home where you cannot compare material colour samples up to your home surfaces. In our experience, this saves you time and you are better able to visualize the improvements to your home. Were here to Help.

Why Choose Roofing Plus? We understand that choosing a roofing business can be a stressful process. With Roofing Plus we belong to the strongest organization in the area, Ontario Home Builders Association OHBA, QHBA, www.quintehomebuilders.com We have Hundreds of Satisfied Customers. All the proper transportation /equipment/ tools to complete your roofing job properly, we are fully Insured, we pay all our bills on time, we are friendly, helpful, and customer oriented, striving to do a great job for you. Our team is excellent, you are getting the best value for your hard earned money.

Roofing with Roofing Plus hasn't been easier.

Thank you for doing business with us.

Roofing Plus Belleville Ontario

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